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Assess our Assessment

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Embed Care Character and the seven Care Qualities in to your Recruitment Process

Build a process which engages candidates, assesses applicants, guides hiring managers, and leads to ongoing development of new starters.


The Care Character Tool enhances retention of Care Workers by identifying the right employees from the outset, and then makes them feel a valued part of your organisation from the moment that they start working with you. Integrating Care Character across the recruitment and retention process will save money on recruitment and staff turnover, and enhance the quality of care delivered.

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Candidates appreciate the assessment report as a useful career tool


  1. The short assessment online which takes 7 minutes to complete on average.
  2. A tailored report for every candidate based on their responses.
  3. Further detail on the Care Qualities available for all applicants
  4. The assessment will help them to prepare for the interview

Values based recruitment becomes even easier for your organisation


  1. Helping to solve the ‘500,000 more workers needed in to the sector by 2035’  puzzle.
  2. Care Character is even more effective than values based telephone interviews.
  3. Finding the right skills and behaviours for your teams
  4. Demonstrates you are serious about recruiting people with the right values and behaviours.

Straightforward process for Hiring Managers making interviewing more productive


  1. Hiring Manager report with applicant assessment and recommended questions.
  2. Training sessions delivered for all Hiring Managers who adopt the tool.
  3. Remember – candidates will judge an organisation on their recruitment process.
  4. Use these reports for the new starters training and development plans too.