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The Care Character assessment

Care Character is a validated psychometric assessment designed specifically to measure seven key qualities that people need to work effectively in the care sector.

The Care Character questionnaire contains 74 items, taking around 6-7 minutes for respondents to complete. The language used in the items is simple and straightforward to understand.

Care Character is based on the extensively researched Trait Online psychometric platform developed by Aston Business Assessments Ltd. It taps into 14 important personality traits representing key behaviours underpinning qualities for care.

The Seven Care Character Qualities

The Care Character qualities model was developed based on combined insights from science and practice.

  • Doctoral research on recruitment in the care sector provided evidence of the characteristics needed for effectiveness in care.
  • Psychometric science gave the foundation to identify key traits to predict behaviour.
  • Extensive industry and applied experience enabled scientific insights to be put into context to make an impact in the care sector.






7 qualities of care

Communication: Communicating effectively with staff and the people supported and adapting communication style. Empowering the people supported by ensuring they feel listened to and that they are kept involved in their care.

Compassion and Empathy: Demonstrating a genuine understanding of feelings. Caring about the person supported and being orientated towards providing care and support to them. Providing a tailored individual approach, demonstrating a sensitive and tactful approach to care.

Dutifulness: Understanding what is required to be done and performing work activities in a timely manner, prioritising work activities. Showing a proactive approach to work tasks and duties.

Teamworking: Working cooperatively and enthusiastically with others and providing positive support to colleagues. Being a reliable, trusted, supportive and inclusive member of the group.

Inclusivity and Respect: Demonstrating an inclusive, dignified, and person centered approach to care. Promoting the independence of the person supported and involving them in their care provision plans. Working in a manner that acknowledges the different needs people and their families have.

Adaptable and Resilient: Demonstrating adaptability to events during shifts, remaining calm in the face of challenges and emotional situations at work. Coping under pressure and maintaining an optimistic ‘can do’ attitude.

Procedural Compliance: Demonstrating adherence to rules and respecting the care provider’s procedures and ways of working. Reducing risk and ensuring care plans are followed and handover meetings are effective.

Psychometric Evaluation of Care Character

The scales of the Care Character questionnaire are drawn from the Trait Online assessment. The Trait questionnaire has been extensively applied in recruitment and HR development across multiple industries. Scientific evaluation of the Trait assessment has shown:

  • Effective scale reliability, including test-retest stability
  • Coverage of the ‘Big Five’ domains of personality
  • Construct validity of the Trait items and scales
  • Evidence that the assessment predicts behaviour and performance (criterion validity)
  • Effective differentiation of high-potential hires

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